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The chemical industry usually incorporates ingredients that may be obtained by cleaner and more efficient methods than the conventional extraction method. The supercritical fluids are capable to extract high added value substances with higher purity levels. These processes are clean and do not leave any type of waste nor contaminant reason why it is not necessary to manage spills or byproducts.

Extraction by supercritical fluids consists of one-stage process that include the extraction and fractioning, what results in higher concentrations and purity of the active ingredient. These active ingredients and excipients are also much more effective.


Substances of interest extraction

  • Maximize the production of substances of interest
  • Reduce costs associated with purification
  • Avoid the genration of waste and spills
  • Obtain higher concentration, purity and quality

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Extraction of high value-added products

Supercritical CO2 treatments allow obtaining high value-added materials with high quality and economically profitable.

Longer lasting effect of the ingredients

AINIA has collaborated with chemical companies in the encapsulation of aromas allowing them to endure for longer.

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José García

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