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AINIA will participate in Algae Biorefineries for Europe

13 October, 2017
Accelerated climate change and an increasing demand for bioresources have become major challenges for the present and future of humanity. Over the last decade, great efforts have been made to identify sustainable and economically-viable solutions, which now include a number of opportunities based

Micro H2AD Horizon Project will hold its final meeting at AINIA

10 October, 2017
Micro H2AD Horizon Project will hold its final meeting at AINIA, in Valencia, on Friday 20 th October. This event will be served to learn about how this novel technology can reduce the waste disposal costs and support the business growth. The Micro H2AD technology is leading the global drive for

TrustEE project will be presented at the Alpbach Finanzial Symposiums

3 October, 2017
AINIA participates in the EU-financed project TrustEE. The purpose of the TrustEE project is to streamline financing of industrial projects that integrate renewable energy systems and energy efficiency measures (heat supply processes). Specifically, TrustEE  is a three-year project (2016-2019)

AINIA is working on a new “in vitro dynamic digestor” to test the efficacy of functional foods and drugs

3 October, 2017
AINIA is developing a new in vitro dynamic digestor that will increase the performance of the present equipment of the center. This new digestor will allow to improve the knowledge of digestion effect on foods and drugs. Thus, to verify the amount of food functional ingredients (omega-3, vitamins,

AINIA develops faster techniques for detecting emerging pathogens and food allergens

3 October, 2017
Nowadays, food security is called into question be cause of new biological risks: Gastroenteritis caused by the consumption of bottled water with norovirus, meat contaminated with the hepatitis E virus… Food industry must first carry out microbiological analysis of its products in order to

LIFE LO2X will be presented in the 2017 Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water

20 September, 2017
LIFE Lo2x – Supercritical water co-oxidation (SCWcO) of urban sewage sludge and wastes will be presented in the “The LIFE programme: funding opportunities & innovative solutions on wastewater treatment” in the framework of the 2017 Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on

Kick-off meeting of the URBIOFIN project in Valencia: from waste to bioproducts through biorefinery

18 September, 2017
The kick-off meeting of the URBIOFIN project “Demonstration of an integrated innovative biorefinery for the transformation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into new BioBased products” was held last 12th and 13th June 2017 in L’Alcudia (Valencia, Spain). Europe 2020 is moving steadily towards

PATHWAY-27: Scientifics of AINIA participate in two Workshops in Brussels and in the Food4life Platform Meeting of the Food and Health Group in Madrid

15 September, 2017
Scientifics of AINIA will participate in the next 21 and 22 of September in two PATHWAY-27 Guidance Paper Workshops in Brussels, and will present the project and the guides on 4 of October at the Food4life Platform Meeting of the Food and Health Group (Madrid). Since the adoption of the Regulation

Meetingpack2017 is consolidated as an international meeting point of food plastic packaging

1 June, 2017
AINIA Technological innovation is the key to provide a personalized and functional response to convenience or comfort criteria that prevail in the purchase decision of the final consumer. This was one of the axes of the last day of MeetingPack2017, where trends in packages allowing the development

MeetingPack2017 gathers the entire value chain of the plastic packaging sector in Valencia with a complete programme

22 May, 2017
The unique global event specialized in barrier packaging that brings together the entire value chain will be held in Valencia (Spain) on 30-31 May Companies such as ULMA, ITC, HIPERBARIC, PLÁSTICOS ROMERO, DUPONT and AMPACET will launch their innovations in the meeting. From IML labels with

New processes developed for textile impregnation with bio-active compounds for skin

6 April, 2017
Textile impregnation by means of supercritical fluids allows creating new added value products such as gauzes and bandages with multifunctional active properties for skin care in an economically feasible and sustainable way. The COSMETOSUP II project, through the collaboration of AINIA and AITEX,

The latest technological developments on convenience packaging will be presented in Meetingpack2017

22 March, 2017
The third edition of this international meeting will bring together the latest innovations on barrier materials and manufacturing processes focused on obtaining packages adapted to convenience and comfort criteria for the consumer, without forgetting about sustainability and the capability to

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