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Meetingpack2017 is consolidated as an international meeting point of food plastic packaging

1 June, 2017
AINIA Technological innovation is the key to provide a personalized and functional response to convenience or comfort criteria that prevail in the purchase decision of the final consumer. This was one of the axes of the last day of MeetingPack2017, where trends in packages allowing the development

MeetingPack2017 gathers the entire value chain of the plastic packaging sector in Valencia with a complete programme

22 May, 2017
The unique global event specialized in barrier packaging that brings together the entire value chain will be held in Valencia (Spain) on 30-31 May Companies such as ULMA, ITC, HIPERBARIC, PLÁSTICOS ROMERO, DUPONT and AMPACET will launch their innovations in the meeting. From IML labels with

New processes developed for textile impregnation with bio-active compounds for skin

6 April, 2017
Textile impregnation by means of supercritical fluids allows creating new added value products such as gauzes and bandages with multifunctional active properties for skin care in an economically feasible and sustainable way. The COSMETOSUP II project, through the collaboration of AINIA and AITEX,

The latest technological developments on convenience packaging will be presented in Meetingpack2017

22 March, 2017
The third edition of this international meeting will bring together the latest innovations on barrier materials and manufacturing processes focused on obtaining packages adapted to convenience and comfort criteria for the consumer, without forgetting about sustainability and the capability to

Superfoods from algae cultivated thanks to an electric power station

3 January, 2017
 The “Algae for a Healthy World” (A4HW) project is formed by seven partners from very different backgrounds, led by Endesa and with the University of Cádiz as technical coordinator, enabling the addressing of the project from a multi-disciplinary viewpoint and the making of progress in the

Researching new methods to evaluate the biocides efficacy in food products and footwear

9 December, 2016
Valencia, December 9th 2016. AINIA and INESCOP are working together in ANTIMICROBIAL project, financed by IVACE and Feder Funds from EU, with the aim of developing in the following two years new biological methods to evaluate the efficacy of biocides applied to food products and footwear, or

Development of two experimental prototypes to detect wine sediments and oxidation defects in bottled wine

24 November, 2016
One of these prototypes detects the presence of bitartrates in real time, as well as any foreign body that may contain the inside of the bottle. In this way, the highest quality wines of the cellar are free from solidified residues and any fragment of glass or plastic. The other prototype is a

The food sector group led by AINIA in the Enterprise Europe Network wins the prize for best European practice

16 November, 2016
Agrofood Sector Group (ASG) is the food working group of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) which heads AINIA Technology Centre and brings together 82 organizations from 28 different countries. This group has won the 2016 prize for best European practice of the network, for its initiative

Research towards the first 100% biodegradable multilayer and barrier packaging

15 November, 2016
  NIPPON GOHSEI (Japan), SP GROUP (Plastienvase S.L) (Spain), a food manufacturer Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company (Spain) and AINIA CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO (Spain) are working on a joint research project which aims to develop the first packaging for processed meat products made with multilayer

Stimulation of sensory perception could retard the decline in sensory function in elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease

14 November, 2016
Experts estimate that about 90% of patients older than 80 years present appetite disorders associated with decreased of sensory capacities derived from aging. Over one hundred elders between 50 and 95 years old from Spain, Czech Republic, Greece and Italy have taken part on the European GYMSEN

Research on functional microcapsules with high mechanical and thermal resistance

8 November, 2016
INESCOP, AINIA and AIMPLAS are collaborating on the INORCAP project, funded by the ERDF Programme. The project aims to obtain products containing encapsulated flavours with antimicrobial and insect repellent activity with improved health properties Valencia, 08 November 2016.- INESCOP, AINIA and

AINIA and AIMPLAS investigate how to improve the properties of bioplastics packaging for food and beverage

18 October, 2016
This project follows the both center colaborative line to investigate innovation in biodegradable materials, given its potential for food and plastic containers Valencia, October 18th 2016.- AINIA and AIMPLAS are working together in the SOSTPACK Project whose main objective is to improve the

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