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Inma Gonzalvo / 16 November 2016

The food sector group led by AINIA in the Enterprise Europe Network wins the prize for best European practice

Agrofood Sector Group (ASG) is the food working group of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) which heads AINIA Technology Centre and brings together 82 organizations from 28 different countries. This group has won the 2016 prize for best European practice of the network, for its initiative “Tour d’Europe”. This is the third time that this…

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Inma Gonzalvo / 18 October 2016

AINIA and AIMPLAS investigate how to improve the properties of bioplastics packaging for food and beverage

This project follows the both center colaborative line to investigate innovation in biodegradable materials, given its potential for food and plastic containers Valencia, October 18th 2016.- AINIA and AIMPLAS are working together in the SOSTPACK Project whose main objective is to improve the properties of biodegradable materials (biopolymers, also known as bioplastics) to facilitate their…

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Inma Gonzalvo / 04 October 2016

First bioplastic made from surplus whey cheese industry

WHEYPACK is a circular project in which the cheese industry, that generates the whey surplus, becomes a beneficiary of the new PHB biodegradable packaging tailored to the needs of their products.The Project, led by AINIA, counts as partners with CENTRAL QUESERA MONTESINOS, AIMPLAS (Spain) and EMBALNOR (Portugal). Valencia, October 4, 2016. A team of researchers…

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Inma Gonzalvo / 08 September 2016

TrustEE project launches to facilitate underwriting for industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

Many promising industrial energy efficiency and renewable projects in Europe lack viable financing due to insufficient performance or credit guarantees, a lack of ability/capacity among lenders to assess project risks, or related financing challenges. TrustEE  is a three-year project (2016-2019) financed by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme to accelerate implementation of energy efficiency (EE) and…

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Inma Gonzalvo / 14 April 2016

Presentation of the first juice packaging prototype made with a bioplastic material obtained from the wastewater of the juice industry  

  The companies Tetra Pak (Sweden) and Avantium (the Netherlands) will also present their developments in more sustainable packaging for juices. The former, a carton packaging made of renewable materials (Tetra Rex) and the latter, the new bottles made with a bioplastic (PEF) that has better performance than conventional petroleum-based plastics (PET). Brusells, April 14,…

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Inma Gonzalvo / 26 February 2016

Packaging for reducing preservatives in food and more hermetic as response to the new consumer  

  Innovations oriented to the new home typologies, new consumption habits, the minimization of food waste and a more sustainability generate packaging with different portions, single dose for baby milks, packaging that respect the sensorial quality such as the red colour of meat, reusable bags or with lower thickness. Some trends in food packaging for…

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Inma Gonzalvo / 25 February 2016

Transparent plastic cans, flexible bags to package wine and oxygen absorbers, the latest innovations in food packaging

Some important innovations showed during the first day: new bio-resin materials, new multifunctional coatings with lower thickness, or optimizing barrier packages in order to increase the food shelf-life in supermarkets. Valencia, 25th Feb 2015. A transparent plastic can for canned food, oxygen absorbers that increase the food shelf-life and bags to pack wine or oil…

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Inma Gonzalvo / 09 February 2016

Small scale biogas deserves more public support

The project has facilitated the promotion of small-scale anaerobic digestion in agro-food companies in 7 European countries (Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, France, Poland and Germany) setting the ground for new investment through meetings with potential AD sites, including sustainability analysis, involvement in technical tours, workshops and trainings, and promoting agreements between the target companies and…

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