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LIFE LO2X will be presented in the 2017 Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water

LIFE Lo2x – Supercritical water co-oxidation (SCWcO) of urban sewage sludge and wastes will be presented in the “The LIFE programme: funding opportunities & innovative solutions on wastewater treatment” in the framework of the 2017 Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water Conference 2017, Sep 27-28). LIFE Lo2x will be presented on 26 September.

The 4th European Innovation Partnership for Water Conference is a rich and stimulating metting that will include expert panels, debates and competitions. The idea behind the conference is to work collaboratively and innovatively to overcome the barriers to innovation in the water sector, create business opportunities and foment partnerships between participants.

In the framework of the 2017 Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water, “The LIFE programme: funding opportunities & innovative solutions on wastewater treatment” aims to showcase and disseminate a selection of the latest and most replicable solutions developed by LIFE in the field of wastewater treatment, LIFE Lo2x between them.

This project aims to demonstrate the technical, economic, energy and environmental feasibility of a new technology – called supercritical co-oxidation – that allows combined treatment of sewage sludge, agro-food waste, landfill leachates and pesticides in sewage plants with an efficiency of nearly 100%.

Overview LIFE Lo2x Partners


AINIA is a RTD centre focused in the agro-food sector and related industries. Nowadays, AINIA has more than 900 food SME´s company members of our organization. AINIA’s mission is to “actively take part in the attainment of excellence of companies through innovation, by anticipating society’s requirements, formed as a professional organisation which is acknowledged as a qualified and committed collaborator”.

The aim of our centre is to promote research and technological development in the agro-food sector, to increase quality in production, improve competitiveness and promote modernisation and diversification in the agrofood industries.

AINIA through the environmental department works on waste and waste water treatment and, particularly, has a large experience on sewage sludge treatment, manure digestion and food waste digestion. In this field AINIA carries out both R&D and consultancy projects for development of new treatments.

AINIA has laboratory and pilot plants on water and waste technologies in the field of advanced oxidation processes, adsorption, anaerobic digestion and biological treatment processes.

Its Engineering and Processes Department has a deep and wide experience in supercritical fluid (SCF) technology, which has been working on for nearly twenty years regarding diverse processes (for example, extraction, fractionation, reaction, inactivation, disinfection, disinsectation, particle design, microencapsulation, impregnation, etc.,).

In this field, AINIA carries out R&D and consultancy projects for process development but also has knowledge and experience on scaling up and on designing and building up SCF plants from laboratory up to industrial scale. AINIA has a specific pilot plant with several facilities from laboratory up to full scale, including ALTEX the first industrial multipurpose supercritical extraction facility in Spain.

AINIA has participated in European Programs, National Programs and Regional Programs since its creation.


Industrias Mecánicas Alcudia S.A., IMECAL, is a SME which was founded in 1979 as an engineering Company in the metal sector. IMECAL has a highly innovative vision that has allowed the Company to expand the market and increase its manufacturing volume in the recent years. Currently, IMECAL is working on demand, manufacturing all type of metal-mechanical equipment for civil works, Petro-Refineries and Petrochemical, Transportation and Manufacturing, Refrigeration Industry, Industrial Auxiliary Motor and Ceramics Industry.

The most important projects of R & D are based in two action lines: Distillation Technology and Production technology for second generation bioethanol.

The lines of action of IMECAL in the last years are located in different areas, where the Company has acquired extensive experience working on different industrial projects for companies like REPSOL-IPF, Petronor, BP OIL, CEPSA, FOSTER WHEELER, INTECSA Industrial INITEC, FLUOR, Tecnicas Reunidas, FORD Spain, VOSSLOH, CYES, etc.

The R&D line of Production technology for second generation bioethanol (2003), has developed a biotechnological patented technology (patent nº 200700404, PCT nº ES2008/000077) for obtaining bioethanol from Organic Municipal Waste. In these project IMECAL have collaborated with IPO’s such as CIEMAT, Universities (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencian University, Salamanca University) and private companies such as Ford Spain and Novozymes, among others.

In 2006 IMECAL built a second generation bioethanol plant with capacity to process 70 t/day of organic fraction of MSW (PERSEO Bioethanol, Since this year IMECAL has participated in different projects to test and improve PERSEO technology to different MSW raw materials with different companies.

IMECAL is member of the Biofuels TP Platform-European Union.


IVEM is formed by a group of engineers that have focused their activity on the development of electric and mechanical projects, automation of installations, control and supervision systems, water treatment and industrial safety.

IVEM is a young company (founded in 2003) but we count on professionals coming from different branches all of them with a wide experience in their business fields. IVEM has a clear policy of providing fast efficient quality services, by our highly qualified technical staff.

At present the main activity of the company focuses on services operating, servicing and maintenance of sewage treatment plants.

IVEM, S. L. is at present running, as exploiter at Valencian Community and Castilla La Mancha, in over 35 waste water treatment plants, namely: Paterna, Foia de Castalla, Valle del Vinalopó, Pilar de la Horadada… with a volume of treated water exceeds 52.000.000 cubic meters each year.

Since the company started in 2003, it has continued developing new activities centred on the companies original work:

  • IVEM, S. L. is officially entitled to act as a homologated supplier to the Valencian and Spanish governments.
  • Studies and projects of research, development and innovation (RDI), in collaboration with various important institutions.
  • Projects and works installations of solar energy and energy efficiency.
  • Works installation of simultaneous production of electricity and thermal use of biogas with micro turbines.

The company has obtained the following approvals: Systems quality assurance (ISO 9000) and environmental management systems (ISO 14000) in all the services that it manages; and introduction of management systems for preventing occupational hazards (OHSAS 18001)

IVEM is a Valencian company completely consolidated in the waste water treatment and water distribution sector as well as in the renewable and alternative energies one.


SCFI is an Irish company that develops technologies to treat organic wastes and generate renewable energy for industrial and municipal markets. SCFI’s patented technology, AquaCritox, uses supercritical water oxidation to destruct highly contaminated organic waste waters and wet sludges while producing renewable energy.


The ACS Group, through its environmental company URBASER, is leader in waste management and treatment. It specialises in Street Cleaning, waste removal and transporting, urban waste treatment and recycling and comprehensive management of the water cycle and urban landscape and gardening.

URBASER is the leader in removal and treatment of used mineral oils and treatment and removal of industrial waste. URBASER covers the entire value chain when providing these services, from designing and conception, carrying out the project, construction, financing and operating a highly-qualified professional team. URBASER also operates in the field of renewable energies with a view to limiting the negative impact of greenhouse gases, for the purpose of which it is developing treatment processes for alternative sources of energy, biomass from biomass crops, waste woodland mass, biodegradable agricultural and industrial waste.

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