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Packaging for reducing preservatives in food and more hermetic as response to the new consumer  


Innovations oriented to the new home typologies, new consumption habits, the minimization of food waste and a more sustainability generate packaging with different portions, single dose for baby milks, packaging that respect the sensorial quality such as the red colour of meat, reusable bags or with lower thickness. Some trends in food packaging for the new consumer have been presented at MeetingPack 2015.

More than 300 experts from Europe, Latin America, Asia and USA consolidate MeetingPack as an international meeting point for the sector professional to provide global solutions to the industry and the consumer.

Valencia, 26th February 2015. New packages for new consumers. On the last day of MeetingPack 2015 the role of innovation for responding the consumer demand, who is tougher, oriented towards a healthier life, prefers natural products, appreciates the sensorial quality and values the respect for the environment. Responding to the needs of different types of households and minimising the food waste are some of the functions of the packaging of the future.

Organized by AIMPLAS and AINIA, the meeting, celebrated at Valencia, has showed innovative packaging systems at high pressure that increase the food shelf-life using less preservatives, vacuum packages that provide a high protection to food including burns from cold frozen, and modified atmosphere packaging that avoid moulds and bacteria production and keep the original colour of meat products.

In response to the consumer demand for quality, convenience and practical products, the food packaging industry has presented today at MeetingPack an innovative capsule system for baby milks for children from 0 to 36 months, similar to that used for coffee or tea preparation. The properties of the used material allows keeping the capsule content intact, without being dried, wet or oxidized.

Packages for healthier menus and for minimizing food waste

In MeetingPack functional packages for containing healthier menus, ready to eat or to heat have been presented. Besides, easy-open packages and suitable for the microwave oven, even though with dual hermetic and sealed function and the chance to reclose it for use on several occasions have been some of the highlights.

Another trend which is increasingly in the sector is to present the product in portions of different sizes, from family to individual, for adjusting the content to the needs of the different households.

Solutions that contribute to minimize the food waste. In the first world, around 30% of the food is wasted in good condition, as stated Initiative Food Waste in the meeting.

During MeetingPack 2015, it has showed how the innovation in packaging design can reach a valuable partner in saving energy and reducing the use of raw materials. One example is the downgauging which minimizes costs and limits the energy and environmental impacts in the generation of food packaging.

In this sense, reusable packages and their fillings presented in bags have been prominence. Thus, an increase in the number of units per pallet is obtained and it is possible to eliminate one of five tracks from roads, therefore saving costs, fuel and emissions.

In the meeting, closed today, it has also taken part the leading manufacturers of measurement and test equipments, which allow checking the barrier packaging quality and to avoid manufacturing defects.

International meeting point

The second edition of MeetingPack 2015, organized by AINIA and AIMPLAS, has met in Valencia during two days more than 300 experts of the food, plastic and packaging sectors. In this sense, the meeting has been consolidated its objective of being an international meeting point for sector professionals and offer global solutions to the industries. From this cooperation, a great technological emerges which turns into a top level European reference in food plastic packaging.

MeetingPack 2015 is sponsored by two companies: Sealed Air and Albis. It has other partners in silver category, such as: Nippon Gohsei, Mitsubishi Gas, Mitsubishi Chemical, Schur, IMD Vista, Gomensoro, Ermec, Systech Illinois, Mocon, Industrie Polieco-MPB, Mitsui Chemicals and Ecoflexobag.

In the context of MeetingPack, AIMPLAS and AINIA have showed some keys about how dealing with the manufacturing of active packaging and solutions through the packaging technologies to the food waste, both points that become great challenges to packaging manufacturers and end-users.

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