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AINIA / 25 July 2016

SADA P.A. Andalucía and Multiscan Technologies S.L. develop a system that scans meat products in real time

SADA P.A. Andalucía has developed a system, in collaboration with the Alicante company MULTISCAN TECHNOLOGIES S.L and AINIA Technology Centre that makes it possible to inspect 100% of the production in processing and packing lines of chicken products to verify that they comply with the parameters of full quality and safety prior to distribution on the market.

This system is more sensitive than the currently existing inspection systems, as it allows the detection of foreign matter in the meat (plastic, cartilage or bones, insects, etc.) more effectively. Until now, these detections were impossible to carry out by the traditional methods of detection.

To achieve this, a combination of sensors of diverse technologies were used: X-rays and multispectral vision, which make it possible to obtain more information from each product scanned automatically and non-invasively, and with which it is possible to detect foreign elements of high and low density. Moreover, these new imaging technologies can be applied to food products of similar characteristics, reducing inspection costs and improving efficiency and safety, as it makes it possible to measure, in real time, all production and to separate the suitable product from the product that is unsuitable, with defects or with presence of foreign matter. SADA P.A. Andalucía and Multiscan Technologies S.L. are companies associated with AINIA.


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