Alfredo Rodrigo / 03 October 2017

TrustEE project will be presented at the Alpbach Finanzial Symposiums

AINIA participates in the EU-financed project TrustEE. The purpose of the TrustEE project is to streamline financing of industrial projects that integrate renewable energy systems and energy efficiency measures (heat supply processes). Specifically, TrustEE  is a three-year project (2016-2019) financed by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme to accelerate implementation of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) solutions. This project aligns with and supports the EU energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate goals for 2020.

Such projects, are often characterized by even when presenting high technical quality and profitability, but are often hindered by technical availability of financing and credit risks. TrustEE partners will mitigate or eliminate aims at mitigating such risks by securing special guarantees and insurance.

TrustEE project partners invite potential customers, including equipment and technology suppliers, banks, contractors, industrial companies (end-users) or special project holding companies to follow and register with TrustEE. They offer support in financing concrete projects. Primarily, TrustEE project is looking for projects that are technically planned in detail and legally ready for completion and whose financing is difficult due to risk factors.

On October 5, TrustEE will be presented at the Alpbach Finanzial Symposiums (Austria) where the participants will discuss and analyze risks and factors that complicate the implementation and financing of industrial renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency projects. The Alpbach Finance Symposium is since 1987 a framework for dialogue between business, government and financial institutions. TrustEE partners will then present EE and RE project development tools, hedging opportunities for credit and technology risks, as well as financing approaches offered by the TrustEE project consortium and platform.

TrustEE project partners include AEE INTEC (Austria), Fraunhofer ISE (Germany),  AINIA Centro Tecnológico (Spain), the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy or eceee (EU-wide), REENAG Holding GMBH (Austria), and Universidade de Évora (Portugal).


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