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Corporate Social Responsibility

AINIA, in connection with its corporate culture and values not only desires to be a recognised professional organization as a qualified collaborator in innovation and food technology issues, but it is also committed to social responsibility. In this sector, international cooperation projects are carried out in developing countries. Furthermore, as part of its pursuit for excellence, AINIA has incorporated a series of corporate social responsibility interventions within its corporate culture and strategy:

The Concinia Plan

The Concinia Plan of conciliation of labour and family life. AINIA offers its employees a series of solutions that simplify the performance of their work, family or private responsibilities, with flexible schedules and shorter or customised shifts.

Equality Plan

The Equality Plan. The commitment from AINIA with regard to equality of opportunities is incorporated in the preparation and implementation of an Equality Plan that focuses on the guarantee of due respect of the principle of equality of treatment and opportunities, elimination of the discrimination of women in the labour sector, and promotion of equality among both genders.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics includes the values that govern the interventions of the centre and its human team.  These values are: commitment, confidentiality, integrity, independence and client-oriented service.


In the Sustainability sector, the respect for the environment is present in all the interventions and projects of the centre with the appropriate waste management procedures and the application of sustainability criteria in all management areas.

Likewise, AINIA relies on a line of activity in the environmental area to implement the necessary energy saving procedures in the companies, reuse and savings of water, waste management, and sub products of the food industry, coal footprint or biodegradable packaging, among others.

Cooperation Projects

We carry out Development Cooperation Projects. We are currently collaborating with a project of “Sustainable Management of Organic Waste and Renewable Energy Production for Energy Self-Sufficiency in disadvantaged areas in Peru”. The project is supported by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

In 2015 a collaboration project was carried out with the Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt in the school nutrition improvement program named School Feeding Project.  AINIA has provided advisory services to the SFP program in its launch stage, achieving the improvement of its management (hygiene, pest management, storage, manipulation…), as well as the implementation of innovation to ensure some foods are safe and nutritionally appropriate.  The aim is also to disseminate information about the project among food companies and Spanish institutions to achieve possible cooperation activities.

In 2008 and 2009, we carried out a collaboration project with other institutions directed to the improvement of food quality and safety of the population in the Valley of Cuzco in Peru.
Since 2004, several social support interventions have been carried out consisting in the shipment of food and support to disadvantaged communities both at the national as well as international level in countries with emergency situations for natural disasters or food crisis, such as Haiti and Bolivia, in collaboration with several organizations.

Beatriz Giménez


Beatriz Giménez

Executive Secretary and in charge of CSR