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Our Research, Development and Innovation Projects are developed from the transversality, with teams including specialists from various technologies to offer integrated solutions. We develop own and in collaboration projects, together with companies and other research organisations.

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TrustEE starts with the objective of supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

30 September, 2016
TrustEE is a 3 year project (2016-2019) funded by the European Commission’s H2020 Program which aims to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in industries, especially SMEs. AINIA Centro Tecnológico participates in the project together with five

WHEYPACK: Obtaining 100 percent biodegradable PHB material from milk whey

29 July, 2016
As a result of the European LIFE + WHEYPACK project, PHB (Polyhydroxybutyrate) has been obtained from a fully biodegradable biopolymer from milk whey. It is a biodegradable material, compostable, from renewable sources (bio-based) and has properties similar to those of traditional polymers from

BIOGAS3: Small-scale agro-industrial biogas, a commitment to sustainable agro-food production

4 May, 2016
AINIA has led the Biogás 3 project to disseminate in Spain and the EU the advantages of installing small anaerobic digesters in farms, cooperatives and agri-food industries in order to value in situ the agro-food waste generated by these activities and to self-consume biogas Obtained for internal

MicroQLab: e-learning program on quality systems for food control laboratories

15 October, 2015
AINIA Technology Centre is leading the Erasmus + European project MicroQLab (Training in innovation through the Quality System in Food Microbiological Laboratories) aimed at improving the skills and qualifications of professionals working in agrifood control laboratories through a program on

GYMSEN: Training the sensorial capacities of the elderly to improve their diet

1 October, 2015
At AINIA Centro Tecnológico, through Consumolab, our center for consumer behavior studies, we participate in the Erasmus + European project GYMSEN (Sensory Gymnastics for the Elderly). It is a training project aimed at maintaining the sensorial capacities of the elderly, especially the senses of

Innsens project or how to learn to innovate through the consumer

22 July, 2015
The Innsens project is an initiative supported by the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union and led by AINIA, which is focused on developing an e-learning training program for SMEs in the agri-food industry. With it, the participating companies will acquire theoretical-practical knowledge

FEDACOVA and AINIA launch an online training platform to boost innovation in SMEs

13 January, 2015
The Agri-food Business Federation of the Valencian Community (FEDACOVA), associated to AINIA, leads the European project OPEN NEW FOOD, aimed at forming in open innovation to the managers of agro-food SMEs of the European Union. Project funded by the European Commission through the LIFELONG

New renewable and biodegradable packaging material

12 November, 2014
The European macro-project SUCCIPAK, in which AINIA participates together with 18 partners from 6 countries, has achieved great results. It has been possible to obtain for the first time a bioplastic (PBS) of sources 100% renewable, a great advance because until now they were obtained only from

First pilot plant to generate energy and nutrients from rice straw

15 September, 2014
The European SOSTRICE project starts this year with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from rice cultivation, specifically straw management, and improving its management in environmental and economic terms. To do this, a new model of management and treatment of rice straw will be

Developed a mobile laboratory that detects Listeria monocytogenes in less than three hours

10 September, 2014
Innovative progress in food safety: a faster method of sampling and detection of Listeria on industrial surfaces that, automatically, obtains accurate results. The technology is based on a biochemical reaction that allows to separate and to detect the bacteria of Listeria monocytogenes in the

PHBOTTLE: Biodegradable packaging with antioxidants from waste water sugars

27 June, 2014
Create a new biodegradable juice packaging with antioxidant properties (to extend the food shelf life using a packaging made from sugars and other residues rich in carbon, nitrogen and oxygen existing in the wastewater of the juice industry itself These are the works of the PHBOTTLE European

PATHWAY-27: Develop and market enriched foods that improve consumer health

27 June, 2014
Knowing the mechanisms of action of bioactive compounds and their impact on human health is essential for the development of better formulations of enriched products and bring them closer to the consumer. This is the study of the PATHWAY-27 project in which AINIA CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO participates


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