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Join the club of companies that safely bet on innovation. We transform companies into leaders of their markets thanks to innovation and technology development. Our solutions improve the income statement.

Know about the benefits our associates enjoy: Free consultations on food legislation, technology watch service, discounts for specialised trainings, savings in research, development and innovation projects, membership seal of the association set up by close to a thousand associates with a network that reaches 45 countries and 550 European organizations.

benefits for becoming an associate

Discounts and

Our associates enjoy the exclusive promotions and discounts. A great opportunity that will allow you to obtain competitive advantages in relation to your competition in the following areas:

  • analytical controls (foods, materials, migrations, waters, contaminants…).
  • specialised technical supports (useful life studies, packaging optimization and design, consumer studies, food labelling…).
  • customised training

Save with AINIA and enjoy the guaranteed discounts on our main typology of services.

Food legislation services

AINIA associates rely on different free services that help them interpret and stay informed about the changing and complex food legislation:

  • Three free legislative consultations
  • Monthly legislative circulars with the last published changes
  • The Legislative Flash is a resource through which we announce prior to its official publication those proposals or documents of strategic interest to companies

Don’t hesitate about this offer, become an associate and gain tranquility with AINIA. Enjoy our exclusive legislative services for associates.

Specialised databases

AINIA has the main global scientific databases, and belongs to several important associations in the science and technology sector. This allow us to have access to valuable information to respond to companies’ needs. Become an associate and ensure access to the best scientific, legislative and sectorial information that will help you with the decision-making process.

for associates

AINIA offers its associates, without any additional cost, a broad programme of activities aligned with the objectives to transfer technological know-how, drive innovation and promote collaborative networking.  Business days of innovation, showrooms with promotion displays, workshops and technology meetings, interventions in collaboration with third parties… Become an associate now and enjoy the broad programme of activities.

Visibility and
brand value

Continuous innovation is our raison d’être for us and our associates. We are a dynamic, open and collaborative community. Our associates have voice and voting rights in our assemblies, and are also a part of our governing bodies. We are one of the European technology centres with the largest corporate membership system, and we are present in more than 20 countries. Become an asociate now and link your brand with the innovation brand leaders. Use the membership seal from AINIA in your business communications and brand image.

Exclusive publications for associates

The transfer of knowledge becomes part of our raison d’être and the mission of the centre. We regularly publish exclusive information that will allow you to identify new business opportunities for your business. You will also have access to reports and guidelines on food trends and other related sectors, latest technologies, technology watch and competitive intelligence. Our membership will allow you to subscribe to our bulletins and receive the publications prepared by our research, development and innovation specialists free of charge. Become an associate now and obtain access to AINIA’s publications.

Use of facilities

AINIA has more than 12, 000 m2 of facilities completely equipped and oriented to research, development, and innovation.  Our associates have the possibility to use them to carry out  their corporate activities.  Assembly halls, training rooms, practical workshops and the possibility to visit AINIA’s pilot plants and laboratories during our demonstration meetings ..  Become an associate and use our facilities for your corporate, training and commercial events.

Collaboration in innovation

AINIA associates receive 30% discounts in research, development and innovation projects and technology support services. They also have a priority to participate in European projects; rely on a specialized service that help them obtain support with research, development and innovation services for their corporate projects; it also helps associates with the search for international partners; AINIA can identify buyers for your innovations or suppliers that respond to your technology requirements … We are a technology partner. We can help you optimise research, development and innovation projects of your company. Become a partner now and capitalise on the relational capital of our centre and its almost 30 years of experience in applied research, development, and innovation. We are one of the benchmark technology centres in food research, development and innovation in Europe.


International support

AINIA has developed an international activity since the nineties, with a collaborative model that has created a global level of a network of contacts with institutions and associations of companies linked to R + D + i. The capabilities derived from this activity are a set of partners, who can enhance their internationalization plans with innovative projects, with business partners in the markets of their interest.

Sonia Pastor


Sonia Pastor

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