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One of the main objectives for chemical companies is to guarantee that their products have not suffered any type of alteration nor contamination througout the production process.

The suitable hygienic design of the facilities and equipments avoid the appearance of both physical and chemical contamination sources. Furthermore, the definition of customised cleaning and disinfection protocols contributes to the optimization of these processes with the resulting financial savings.


Design hygienically, save in cleaning

  • Minimize contamination risk
  • Guarantee the compliance with the quality standards
  • Decrease cleaning time
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Minimize the use of cleaning chemical products
  • Save waste-management costs

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Hygienic design

The hygienic design as strategy to ensure the innocuousness of products.

Microbial efficacy against biofilms

SUAVIZANTES Y PLASTIFICANTES BITUMINOSOS, S.L. (SPB) and AINIA have evaluated the efficacy of new chemical compounds against the destruction of microbial biofilms.


Andrés Pascual

15 years of experience in Bioenergy, Water Technology and Environment
Head of the Department of Environment, Bioenergy and Industrial Hygiene