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Cosmetic products must guarantee the microbiological stability, harmlessness and resistance to microorganisms or potential contaminations.

Advanced vision based on spectrophotometric techniques identifies the presence of foreign substances that are not part of the formulation hence avoiding defective batches.

Techniques such as Challenge Test (ISO and Pharmacopeia) allow to know the microbiological stability of the product, and the toxicological profile is determined through cell lines.

From the quality point of view, products must guarantee its homogeneity to obtain the desired effect. Chemical image shows how active principles are distributed and if the formulation is homogenous to guarantee all dosage make the same effects.


Quality and security to consumer

  • Verify the microbiological stability of your products
  • Guarantee the harmlessness of your cosmetics
  • Ensure the effectiveness of your products
  • Reduce the risk of defective batches
  • Minimize production losses


Infrared technology for quality control

Penetrating Near Infrared Vision: Technologies in sensors for the control of the security of a product.

Analysis of the composition of a cosmetic

Chemical Image: Technologies in sensors for the control of quality and security of a product.

Evaluation of toxicological profile

Techniques that allow the hygienic-sanitary quality, the microbiological stability, biological risks of ingredients or functional activity of the product.


Begoña Ruiz

Expert with 10 years of experience in environmental biotechnology anaerobic processes.
Head of Bioassays Laboratory