Hygienically design

your facilities and equipments
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To guarantee cosmetics harmlessness if one of the main priority for the industry. One of the key aspects is to minimize the risk of chemical or physical contaminations that may appear throughout the production process.

The appropriate hygienic design of the facilities and equipments contribute to this aim, avoiding the appearance of contamination´s sources. In addition, the definition of customised cleaning and disinfection protocols allow the optimization of the processes with the resulting financial savings.

Hygienic design solutions

Hygienically design your products, save in cleaning processes

  • Minimize the risk of contamination
  • Guarantee the harmlessness of your products
  • Decrease the time dedicated to cleaning
  • Minimize the use of cleaning chemical products
  • Save costs in waste management


Optimization of facilities and equipment

We collaborate with cosmetic companies in optimizing hygiene facilities and equipment with a dual-purpose, reduce cleaning processes and ensure the stability of the products.


Andrés Pascual

15 years of experience in Bioenergy, Water Technology and Environment
Head of the Department of Environment, Bioenergy and Industrial Hygiene