Packaging design

Balance between safety and aesthetics

The selection of an appropriate packaging material is essential to prevent cosmetics´ deterioration.

Cosmetic ingredients deterioration is generally caused by light, humidity or temperature, what can be overcome with barrier materials.

In some cases, the packaging must avoid the proliferation of microorganisms that may deteriorate the product, thus active packaging may be the solution.

Packaging must not only fulfill the protection function, but also be attractive and innovative, and functional and ergonomic. The appropriate design of the packaging is essential to grap consumer attention.


Aesthetic and functional packaging design

  • Protect your cosmetics against external factors
  • Avoid the proliferation of microorganisms
  • Grap consumer attention
  • Combine ergonomics, safety and aesthetics


New 100% renewable material

Development of a new bioplastic of 100% renewable sources.

Sustainability, functionality and competitivity

New sustainable, functional and competitive pHB material obtained from waste from the food industry through fermentative processes


Carlos Enguix

17 years experience in packaging design, packaging suitability of the product and reducing waste
Head of Packaging Technology