Microencapsulation solutions

by protecting key ingredients
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The selection and concentration of ingredients provide a differential value to cosmetic products. A key factor is to guarantee these ingredients develop the function for which they have been considered.

Microencapsulation, or its nanotechnology version, contributes to the preservation of the ingredients or active ingredients. They are therefore protected against other ingredients in the same formulation and from the effect of external agents.

Furthermore, the encapsulation allows the sustainable or directed release of those ingredients that make a cosmetic product different. The selective release that is achieved by this technology allows the generation of the desired effect at the most appropriate time.

Microencapsulation solutions

Ensure your differentiation

  • Guarantee the functionality of your products
  • Prolong the benefits it provides
  • Make your products work at the most appropiate time
  • Save costs by employing the suitable amount of ingredient or active ingredient


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