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Packaging is one of the main communication and marketing mediums with the consumer, thus it is necessary to consider the legislation related to labelling and nutritional information. Furthermore, packaging is the medium to incorporate the healthy claims for those foods which have proven benefits.

The main purpose of the packaging is to preserve the food against external factors (barrier packagings are an example), extend its shelf life (active packaging) and inform the consumer about the quality in real time (intelligent packaging). The incorporation of nanocompounds to enhance packaging features depends on legal implications.

High consumption of packaged products makes it necessary to search for more sustainable solutions, biodegradable packaging and materials of biological origin, including biopolymers that asssume a lower environmental impact.


Barriers to external factors

  • Select more appropiate materials for your product
  • Avoid the deterioration due to light effect, oxygen or humidity
  • Reduce food waste

Active and intelligent packaging

  • Prolong product shelf life
  • Incorporate preservatives with controlled release
  • Improve the organoleptic properties of the product
  • Provide quality information to the consumer in real time

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Design: Ergonomics, Aesthetics and Enviroment

  • Save in costs associated to design
  • Optimize packaging usability
  • Minimize the use of packaging material
  • Reduce the environmental impact with biodegradable materials
  • Attract consumer’s attention

Foresight, the future of packaging

  • Know the last technology developments
  • Identify what your competitors are offering
  • Identify new trends in packaging materials and systems
  • Adapt your packaging to market requirements

Comply with the accredited analysis legislation

  • Permeability analysis
  • Mechanical properties of the packaging and packaging materials
  • Characterization of materials and multilayer films

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All you need on food law

  • Keep up with regulatory changes
  • Receive support from specialists in legal perspective

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Carlos Enguix

17 years experience in packaging design, packaging suitability of the product and reducing waste
Head of Packaging Technology