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One of the most valued aspects for the consumer is the health benefit foods provide. Consumers demand new foods with low-calorie, low-fat, and low-salt content. Also, probiotic foods that have a beneficial effect on the organism, and prebiotics that help microorganisms to work better.

It is expected that the design of personalized diets based on their genetic profile (nutrigenetics) is extended, and that consumers may acquire medicated feedingstuffs that are beneficial to improve their health. From the point of view of well-being, nutricosmetics plays an important role.


Improve your health, add functional foods

  • Select more healthy ingredients
  • Find the way how to preserve the active ingredients
  • Differentiate yourself with nutritional claims

Verify the benefits it provides

  • Guarantee the healthy benefit your products provide
  • Optimise the formulations according to market demand
  • Identify methods to improve the functionality

Less is healthier

  • Decrease salt, sugar and fat content
  • Identify alternatives to saturated fats
  • Substitute synthetic for natural additives
  • Develop formulations with more healthy ingredients
  • Enrich your products with micronutrients


  • Add ingredients of great nutritional value
  • Develop formulations with healthier alternatives
  • Find new sources of protein
  • Approve the benefits of ancestral foods
  • Bet on the development of medicated feedingstuffs
  • Provide a cosmetic benefit

Accredited analysis

  • Microbiological stability studies
  • Gluten and other allergens
  • In vitro evaluation of bioactivity of ingredients

+ information on our analytical services

All you need to know about food law

  • Ensure your label is appropriate in all markets (national and international)
  • Keep up with legislative changes
  • Receive support from specialists with the procedures of nutritional claims

+ information on our food law services


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Encarna Gómez


Encarna Gómez

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