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To be at the top of mind of the consumer is achieved by offering innovative products that satisfy their needs at all times. Market trends indicate that product demand prefers natural and healthy products, and preferably less processed food.

A new product development involves different aspects of the production process such as the selection of ingredients, and a stable formulation that produces the desired organoleptic properties and shelf life. The following step is the design of an appropriate packaging and the use of claims related with the consumer demand. All of the foregoing should respect the legal requirements of the market in which the product will be commercialised.


Increase health, functional foods

  • Select the healthiest ingredients
  • Find the way to preserve active ingredients
  • Guarantee the health value it provides
  • Differentiate yourself through nutritional allegations

A market, a product

  • Identify the needs of each target audience
  • Offer innovation to each segment
  • Personalize your products
  • Flexibility in the production chain

Return to the origins: natural and less processed

  • Find alternatives to synthetic preservatives and colors
  • Identify new sources of proteins
  • Adopt less invasive preservation methods
  • Incorporate preserving microorganisms, such as phages
  • Obtain a clean label

Healthy hedonism

  • Develop low-calorie content snacks
  • Incorporate low-calorie sweeteners
  • Select the most appropiate source of proteins
  • Add the most satiating ingredients to your products

Accredited analysis aligned with consumer demand

  • Microbiological stability studies
  • Nutritional composition
  • Gluten and other allergens

+ information on our analytical services

All you need to know about food law

  • Ensure that your label is appropriate in all the markets (national and international)
  • Manage the record of a new product
  • Receive support from specialists in consumer information

+ information on our food law services


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Encarna Gómez


Encarna Gómez

Specialist in new technologies, quality and logistics with more than 12 years of corporate experience.
Head of New Products Department