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A product innovation success occurs when grab consumers´ attention and provide them what they demand.

Healthy habits and new lifestyles influence new developments. It is also necessary to take into account that each population group has specific needs, as it is the case with senior, persons with health problems or athletes.

On the other hand, it is relevant to consider the distinctive features of the target market, cosumption habits, current law and culture and religious beliefs among others.


Market research

  • Select potential target markets
  • Know consumers´ needs
  • Identify the most succesful business ideas
  • Orient your product innovation

Consult experts

  • Validate product concept feasibility
  • Perform assays with experienced consumers
  • Verify your packaging suitability level

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Create your own panel of consumers

  • Identify the target audience
  • Recruit the potential panelists
  • Train yourself in exploratory data analysis techniques
  • Train consumers with specific purposes

Consumer´s behaviour

  • Learn about consumer´s behaviour in the shelves
  • Discover their consumption preferences
  • Observe the behaviour in the presence of new products

All the information you need on food law

  • Ensure your labelling is appropriate in all markets (national and international)
  • Keep up with regulatory changes
  • Receive support from international legislation specialists

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Miguel J. Quetglas

Expert in sensory science and consumer behavior research. More than 30 years of experience in Marketing.
Manager of Consumolab