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New packaging materials seek to be more sustainable with improved properties that incorporate new functionalities. The use of barrier materials allows the development of customised packaging based on the product requirements that it is going to hold. It is about solutions that protect products from outside factors such as light, oxygen or humidity.

In some cases, due to the idiosyncracy of the product, it is necessary for the material to controlely release preservatives or aromas that grap consumer´s attention. Active packagings answer this market need since they are additivated with substances of interest.

One of the trends in packaging is to keep the consumer informed about the quality and traceability of the product at the purchase moment. Intelligent packagings favour the packaging-consumer interaction.

From a sustainable point of view, biotechnology is playing an important role in the generation of biopolymers, taking advantage of wastes from other industries such as food industry. Furthermore, the industry is investing in the development of biodegradable polymers that reduce environmental impact.


  • Improve packaging functionality
  • Provide a better barrier against external factors
  • Increase product shelf life
  • Decrease fossil fuels dependency
  • Generate raw materials from waste
  • Provide quality information to the consumer

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Internacional initiative:

Dow Chemical and ULMA Packaging, in collaboration with AINIA, have developed new eco-innovative packaging for processed fish

European project:

New PHB sustainable, functional and competitive material obtained from waste from the food industry by fermentation processes.


Carlos Enguix

17 years experience in packaging design and packaging lines
Expert in the adequacy of the product packaging and reducing waste generated
Head of Packaging Technology