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The employed material , the amount and its distribution according packaging shape are key factors in cost saving while keeping food quality and safety. Other key factor is the packaging system implemented that could be modified atmosphere, active or intelligent packaging and barrier packaging.

Considereing product requirements, it is possible to determine the material and the packaging system to guarantee the conservation. By using active or barrier materials, for example, results in a reduction of the used of materials with limited functionality, and therefore a costs save.

Depending on the packaging usage and consumer´s handling capability, the amount of packaging material used can be optimized. Packaging design is carried out by analyzing the critical points that require a higher amount of material (more resistance) and those points where it is not necessary. Preventive measures in origin has its environmental recognition (the less material used the less environmental impact) what can be translated into less taxes.


Packaging, optimización de sistemas de envasado

  • Improve usability and consumer experience with the packaging
  • Reduce costs by reducing the amount of material used
  • Contribute to improve your corporate social responsibility
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Save tax costs

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Trends in active packaging technologies

AINIA has developed a technology watch report for EOI on the active packaging market in the international framework.


RIBEREBRO GROUP, GVTARRA and AINIA work in technologies for preservation and development of new packaging materials  for plant foods.


Carlos Enguix

17 years experience in packaging design and packaging lines
Expert in the adequacy of the product packaging and reducing waste generated
Head of Packaging Technology