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Combines functionality and aesthetics
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The packaging design is important from a functional and aesthetic point of view.  The functionality is achieved by selecting the most suitable materials and packaging system which relais on the product to be packaged.

The selected solution must ensure at least the basic functionalities such as preservation, consumer information, and the facility for the distribution.  Furthermore, the consumer must find the packaging easy to use and adapted to its lifestyle.

As regards aesthetics, there are sectors in which consumer opinion is a key factor in the distribution process.  Therefore, packaging design plays an essential role in the success of the purchase process.


Packaging, diseño de envases

  • Improve consumer perception
  • Adapt your solutions to the tipology of the product
  • Offer attractive solutions to your clients

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UBE collaborates with AINIA in developing sustainable flexible packaging for food packaging

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Dulcesol bets on innovation in packaging design for spreadable creams


Carlos Enguix

17 years experience in packaging design and packaging lines
Expert in the adequacy of the product packaging and reducing waste generated
Head of Packaging Technology