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It is crucial to ensure packaging stability and product-packaging interaction.

Migrations studies guarantee the product can not be contaminated by packaging residues. Furthermore, the evaluation of packaging-product interactions indicates whether the packaging is degraded or the product properties are damaged due to contact between them.

On the other hand, the corners where residues could be accumulated must be avoided in order to prevent contamination sources.

Thermography allows the evaluation of the packaging sealing with a film closure, avoiding internal atmosphere modifications due to external conditions.


Packaging, seguridad de los envases

  • Make evident packaging-product stability
  • Guarantee the absence of migrations from the packaging
  • Avoid contamination sources in the packaging design
  • Ensure the suitability of your packaging sealing

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Migrations prevention

IAN Group and AINIA collaborate in the development of sterilized products and food packaging safety, control and prevention of chemical migration.

Defects detection in heat sealed packaging

Under the FOODSCAN project, AINIA validated an advanced inspection system that captures the temperature distribution in the seal area during the heat-sealing. It permits the detection in real time of possible defects that may occur during the forming, filling and closing processes.

Reduction in permeability, barrier packaging

Innovation in materials and barrier packaging, manufacturing processes and packaging systems are key to ensure packaging safety. MeetingPack 2015 shown the latest developments in this area. MeetingPack 2017 was titled “Convinience: driving barrier packaging innovation”.


Carlos Enguix

17 years experience in packaging design and packaging lines
Expert in the adequacy of the product packaging and reducing waste generated
Head of Packaging Technology