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Take advantage of organic waste
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Reducing the dependency from sources of fossil to get raw materials is a market trend that is being adopted by many companies. The development of eco-innovative solutions based on the exploitation of organic wastes is now extended as an alternative.

Biopolymers are generated through anaerobic fermentation (bioproduction) of some wastes from the food industry, for example. Therefore, a more sustainable production process is achieved where byproducts are exploited and its cost is transformed in value that is reinvested in the industry.

Another solution is the development of biodegradable packaging based on the use of materials that may easily degrade in the landfill.

The prevention of packaging residues in origin is to search for less contaminant solutionsThe incorporation of recyclable materials reduce the dependency of fossil fuels such as petroleum, while it reduces the environmental impact.


Soluciones ecoinnovadoras para packaging

  • Improve corporate social responsibility
  • Reduce fossil fuels dependency
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Save raw material costs



PICDA and AINIA investigate biological processes for degradation of plastics waste.

European project:

SUCCIPACK. New bioplastic from 100% renowable sources


Linpac, Moldpack and AINIA are working to develop lighter and more sustainable packaging


Carlos Enguix

17 years experience in packaging design and packaging lines
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