Verify active ingredients absortion
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To guarantee the absorption of an active ingredient is key to warrant the success of a pharma product.

In vitro dynamic digesters simulate the digestive process allowing to know the available amount of an ingredient that could be absorbed in every digestion stage.

Through cell lines is possible to determine the active ingredient amount that could flow into the bloodstream and be absorbed later on in the right place. These practices allow to optimize the formulations by incorporating the most suitable concentrations.


Ensure the effectiveness of your drugs

  • Optimize pharma formulations
  • Ensure the absorption of your active ingredients
  • Guarantee the effectiveness of your pharma products


Cell culture techniques

Techniques that allow the evaluation of hygienic-sanitary quality, microbiological stability, biological risk of ingredients or functional activity of the product.


Begoña Ruiz

Expert with 10 years of experience in environmental biotechnology anaerobic processes.
Head of Bioassays Department