Active ingredients extraction

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The active ingredients and pharmaceutical excipients of vegetable origin can be obtained by alternative methods to chemical extraction, that are cleaner and more efficient.

Supercritical fluids  are capable to extract high added value substances with high-purity level. These processes are clean and they do not leave any type of residue or contaminant, therefore avoid the necessity of managing spills or subproducts.

Extraction by supercritical fluids consists of one-stage process that include the extraction and fractioning, what results in higher concentrations and purity of the active ingredient. These active ingredients and excipients are also much more effective.

As a legal requirement, active ingredients and excipients must comply with the characteristics and limits of contaminants described by the pharmacopoeia.


Active ingredients extraction

  • Maximize the obtention of active ingredients and excipients
  • Reduce the costs associated to purification
  • Avoid the generation of wastes and spills
  • Obtain higher concentrations and purity of active ingredients
  • Ensure the compliance with pharmacopoeia


Quality, purity and high performance

The extraction with  supercritical CO2 : competitive, sustainable and innovative solution for a large group of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

ESCUALO project:
obtaining natural extracts

Cost reduction of supercritical extraction processes thanks to the combined   application of ultrasonic power for the processing of natural matrices.

Miguel García Suárez


Miguel García

Chemical Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in extractive solutions based on supercritical fluids.
Head of Supercritical Extractions Department (Altex)