Microbiological safety

ensure your products stability
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Pharmaceutical products must guarantee microbiological stability, inoccuousness and resistance in the presence of microorganisms or potentional contaminations.

Advanced vision, based on spectrophotometric techniques, identifies the presence of foreign substances that are not part of the formulation in such a way that avoids defective batches.

As for the product quality, the products must guarantee the homogeneity of the solutions with the aim of obtaining the desired effect. The chemical image technique shows whether active ingredients are distributed homogenously in the drug, in order to achieve the same effect in all the applications or doses.


Microbiological safety

  • Verify the microbiological stability of your products
  • Guarantee the innocuousness of your drugs
  • Ensure your products effectiveness
  • Reduce the risk of defective batches
  • Minimize losses production


Active ingredients concentration maps

Advanced technique of spectral vision allows to know a drug structure and the distribution of its active ingredients.

Contaminants and foreign bodies detection

NIR penetranting vision determines the safety of a drug product.


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