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Safety takes precedence over the commercialisation of foods, cosmetics, drugs and animal nutrition products.

Concerning food safety from a physico-chemical perspective, the management of food alerts, control of contaminants (mycotoxins, metals…) and food residues (veterinaries, pesticides, …) as well as the verification of the adaptation of materials in contact with foods is of concern. In addition, preservation technologies take into account food shelf life and the physical study of packaging determining the barrier and the interaction between packaging and the contained product.

As regards quality, some of the most relevant aspects include the nutritional characterization of foods, evaluation of bioactive/functional ingredients, and the study of frauds.

Acting as a laboratory of reference, AINIA optimizes, validates and transfers new customized analytical methods, and the design and assembly of testing laboratories.

AINIA is one of the laboratories designed by the Health Authorities for the Official Control of mycotoxins, additives, metals and pesticides in non-animal origin foods.

It relies on the Quality System (ISO 17025 Standard) of analytical services with 51 assays accredited by ENAC, and has been rated in 2011 among the five best European laboratories of Official Control in connection with pesticide waste.

Bringing value through…


Facilitate to companies their products commercialisation through the reduction of import/export barriers.

Emerging risks

Avoid possible emerging risks with early identifications

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Costs savings

Avoid important financial losses derived from chemical or physical deterioration and contamination.

Brand image

Minimize the negative impact on brand image caused by health alerts from food intoxications, for the use of badly preserved cosmetics or the consumption of inappropriate drugs.


Research Plataform in Food Safety

Leader of Chemical Contaminants Group of the Platform for Food Security Research [PFSR] created by the General Directorate of Public Health

Pesticide Reference Laboratories

AINIA laboratories are among the best of Europe in connection with pesticide analysis.

Amelia Moreno


Amelia Moreno

More than 12 years coordinating official control laboratories.
Head of Physico-chemical Analysis Laboratory