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In view of the proposal for the design of a new product, the improvement of an already existing one and its commercialisation, it is essential to know which are the real needs of the market. From AINIAFORWARD, we carry out market research studies based on consumer behaviour.

Client orientation is our key principle. The work flow of collaborative projects we carry out are summarized as follows:

The ideas to respond to consumer needs come into being with the support of AINIA’s multidisciplinary team, providing knowledge in the legal sector, container, production technologies, etc.

We bring value through…

Integral solutions

From the idea to the innovative product launch strategy.

Consumer behaviour

In-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour through proprietary methodologies.

Market information

Market information for substantiated decision-making processes


Multidisciplinary teams which guarantee the success of each of the stages of the innovation process.



Cristina Jodar

Expert in consumer behaviour analysis
Research & Account Manager of AINIAFORWARD