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Technology foresight assesses critical factors related to market evolution and identifies the scientific and technological priorities that will be crucial.

These studies consider a time horizon of 15 years and provide critical information for the definition and set up of business strategies.

With the aim of identifying how technology is evolving, different factors are considered. The most relevant are economic and societal environment, culture and consumer habits, market and consumer trends.

Bringing value through…

Key market factors

Identification of key factors in market evolution

Future vision

Futurist vision of technology and applicable markets

Opportunities identification

Detection of long-term opportunities

Strategic plans

Definition of strategic plans to the anticipation of the company


Technology foresight

In collaboration with different agents as Ecuela de Organización industrial (EOI), AINIA develops technology foresight studies in areas of particular interest to the business environment.

Multidisciplinary team

AINIA has a multidisciplinary team that provides a holistic view to the future vision of the industrial fabric. Technology, science, economy, culture and political aspects are factors to technology foresight and market.

Noemi Vidal Sánchez


Noemi Vidal

Expert in technology foresight, market intelligence and R&D and innovation projects management