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The positioning of a product in the market can improve when you know consumer’s tastes and preferences.

Acceptance studies allow us to know in advance if a new product is going to be successful in the market or if, on the contrary, it’s not going to satisfy the consumers’ needs. The continuous adaptation of products is necessary because consumer preferences change over time. You can know about consumer behavior towards the product and that of the competition by identifying its strengths and weaknesses through diverse methods.

Quantitative studies also allow to evaluate the products’ quality as well as to establish the shelf life by assessing sensorial parameters.

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we bring value through…

Support to the decision-making process

First hand knowledge of consumer’s tastes and preferences

Product quality level

Analysis of the quality factors of a product and how it differentiates itself from other similar products.

Differential arguments

Differentiating factors backed by consumer studies that allow a better position before commercial distribution.

Product improvement sales argument

Identification of strengths and weaknesses of a product compared with competitors and other substitute products.

Higher probabilities of success

Product evaluation prior to market launch allows the adaptation of consumer preferences.


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Miguel J. Quetglas

Expert in sensory science and consumer behaviour research. More than 30 years of experience in Marketing.
consumolab Manager