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Trained tasting panels are groups of consumers with higher smell-taste sensitivity. These panels are specifically formed to develop their sensorial skills in product evaluation.

Studies with panels are crucial to identify the sensorial characteristics with greater influence on consumer preferences and allowing the following:

  • control the quality in the estimation of useful life
  • avoid the launch of products that do not satisfy consumer preferences
  • provide value information to research, development and innovation projects
  • obtain the quality certification under a Protected Certification of Origin (PCO) or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

AINIA has accredited panels for performing discriminative product testing by testing triangular and paired comparison tests. The accredited panels are:

– Evaluation of products by methods using scales.
– Organoleptic assessment of cured ham
– Organoleptic assessment of olive oil.

See accreditation scope.

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we bring value through…

Organoleptic control and shelf life

Control odors and flavors in food before it reaches the consumers’ hands by improving their confidence. Ensure the organoleptic quality throughout shelf life.

Bring value to R&D

Provide information of value to R&D business projects.

Succeed in launching products

Avoid launching products that do not meet consumer preferences, saving costs and prevent the negative impact on the brand image.

Accredited sensory panels

Two sensory panels accredited by ENAC: organoleptic validation of cured ham and olive oil.


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Miguel J. Quetglas

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