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Our areas of activity cover all the aspects related with the application of Food Law in corporate organizations and associations.

Our team of expert attorneys is supported by a team of profesionales and technologists in the food sector which enables the provision of global and integrative responses.

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Administrative law and regulatory compliance

  • Food products labelling and information to consumers.
  • Advisory services in the course of the administrative procedures with regard to agro-industry infringements and penalties.
  • Authorization procedure of new foods for their commercialisation in the European Union.

Business law and contracting

  • National and international service.
  • Support with regard to Incoterms, guarantees, international payment methods, and merchandise insurance among others.
  • Advisory services in Food Chain Act and Code of Good Practices
    Orientation in the establishment and registration of companies whose activity is associated to the food industry.

Litigation and arbitration

  • Civil and administrative liability for defective products.
  • Liabilities derived from the breach of contracts.
  • Liabilities derived from national and international food transportation services.
  • Contentious administrative procedures with regard to food legislation.
  • Liabilities of food company, legal entity, in the development of its activity, as well as its policy-making organs.


Administrative Proceedings

We manage to file administrative proceedings on agri-food infractions or minimize penalties generated. We set up our defense rigorously, in close collaboration with our customers.

International Food Law

In this video  we provide a broad view of international food law and why having expert support can help ensure legal certainty of import / export activities

 Litigation Defence

Our attorneys have successfully defended the rights of various food companies in litigation. The most common disputes we help are claims for damage to the goods.


José Mª Ferrer

More than 15 years of experience in Food Legislation
Head of Food Law Department