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To appropriately know and apply food legislation allows to be ahead of the competition and provide solutions to the market, avoid risks, penalties, gain confidence and tranquility.

Our advisors guaranteed you the provision of consulting advisory services based on specialised and custumised food legislation according to the needs of your company.

We bring value through…

Gain tranquility and trust

Food law specialists find solutions to your daily and strategic queries in such a way it guarantees that your products adjust to the food legislation in force.

Guarantee your clients' trust

The thorough applicable knowledge of Food Law will comply with the quality requirements of your products, and at the same time assure that your clients, consumers, and competent authorities acknowledge the guarantees your products offer by gaining your confidence.

Costs savings and risks

The exhaustive knowledge of your legal obligations without the need for the company to allocate your own resources will streamline operations and avoid possible administrative penalties, claims or complaints, shutdowns in the production line, discard complete batches, withdrawal of products from the shelves, loss of clients, etc.

Obtain advantages against the competition

To have updated legislative news at your disposal will help you be ahead of legislative changes and your competition.


Litigation Defence

Our attorneys have successfully defended the rights of various food companies in litigation. The most common disputes we help are claims for damage to the goods.

Administrative proceedings

We manage to file administrative proceedings on agri-food infractions or minimize penalties generated. We set up our defense rigorously, in close collaboration with our customers.

Legal advice on the development of new products

We work closely with those responsible for R & D and marketing of our client companies, advising and facilitating the interpretation of the legal requirements to be met for the placing on the market of new food products.


José Mª Ferrer

More than 15 years of experience in Food Legislation
Head of Food Law Departament