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Conquering new markets assumes the knowledge of your potential clients and the specific legal requirements of each country with regard to food quality and safety.

Each country has its own legal system which affects food labelling and also product safety and quality,  in addition to the relative demands to packaging and logistics. To rely on experts in food law with knowledge about the following:

  • legal standards requested by the target market
  • labelling
  • contact with target market authorities
  • legal requirements for export (providing direct contact with the consignees of the merchandise in the target country in their own language)
  • doubts resolution to successfully export goods

Bringing value through…

Access to new markets

Successfully commercialise your goods in new markets accompanied by experts in international law. 99.4% of your clients are outside Spain, therefore a lack of knowledge of the specific law in different countries is no longer a barrier to access to this markets.

Costs savings and resources

Relying on law experts will enable you to commercialise your products and services to new markets of interest without the need of allocating costly personnel and resources from your company.

Turnover incresement

Beat your competitors by penetrating those emerging business markets and by knowing the food law of the target country.

Tranquility and trust

Tranquility and trust knowing experts in food law safeguard your export activity and avoid the rejection of your products in the target country.


International labelling

Some of our clients are internationalized companies that rely on our experts for legal review of the labelling of products sold in international markets. We give them support to export with guarantees, avoiding rejections at the border.

Composition and formulation

We monitor that the composition of processed food suits the legal requirements of different countries where our customers commercialize. It involves the analysis of the law applicable to additives, materials in contact with food …

International Food Law

In this video we provide a broad view of international food law and why having expert support can help ensure legal certainty of import / export activities


José Mª Ferrer

More than 15 years of experience in Food Legislation.
Head of Food Law Department