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Food Law plays an essential role in the activity of food companies, for this reason it is fundamental to rely on appropriate legislative services in this respect. Its appropriate knowledge and application, besides helping us to comply with the legality in force also assumes a beneficial opportunity with respect to competitors and strengthens our position in the market.

The knowledge about legislative news, that is the entry into force, modification or abrogation of the standard is collected in a database adapted based on the activity of the company. This service offers coverage, in particular, to the companies that have voluntary standards of British Retail Consortium (BRC), International Food Standard (IFS) types of certification, etc., which will control its legal requirements in the food sector.

The website collects and provides the changes in food legislation in a consolidated format. It also allows to filter the legislation by specific areas to facilitate their intepretation and application in the employment of additives, labelling, control of wastes maximum limits and contaminants in foods, etc.

Our team of specialists will help you with the maintenance of your certifications to surmount the difficulties of the audits in the issues associated to Food Law.

We bring value through…

Costs savings and risks

The exhaustive knowledge of the legislation will effectively avoid possible administrative penalties, claims, or complaints that could entail bringing the production line into a standstill, discard complete product batches, withdrawal of product from the shelves, loss of clients, communication campaigns, etc.

Tranquility and trust

It will avoid administrative penalties, claims or complaints and will ensure the quality of its products by acknowledging the trust of its clients, consumers and competent authorities.

Obtain advantages in the presence of the competition

The exhaustive knowledge of the legistlation and the anticipation of the legislative changes will provide you with a global vision to participate in export activities, diversify the business, and increase your turnover.

Specialized knowledge at your disposal

The exhaustive knowledge of the legislation at your disposal in the most responsive and complete manner.


Food labelling review

Over 100 labeled food products reviewed each year, in various sectors such as soft drinks, oils, meat, ready meals …

Food legislation training

We continuously train professionals on food legislation applicable to their activity. In the last year, over 250 professionals have been trained with us.

Exclusive Services for Associates

AINIA associates have exclusive legislative services. Among others, the possibility of legislative consultations, monthly online bulletin with the updated and extracted legislation and anticipatory flash newsletter.


José Mª Ferrer

More than 15 years of experience in Food Legislation.
Head of Food Law Department