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We design personalized training projects placing the client in the epicentre of the personalization. We consider the scope of the activity, team´s previous knowledge, the present capabilities in the work group and, above all, the specific objectives to be achieved.

The entire training process is oriented toward value generation and the improvement of client’s competitiveness. It is about collaborative projects in which the permanent communication between the client and AINIA allows a continuous adaptation of the training.
The training activity does not end with the teaching of the defined programme, the relation with the client allows the definition of specialized training strategies that will result in a continuous improvement.

Bringing value through…

Tailored training

Customized training actions that will help the company to improve its turnover.

Adapted methodology

Methodology and contents adaptation to the requirements of the client at all times.

Collaborative projects

Collaborative projects in which the proximity and continuous contact between the teaching staff and the client is supported.


Multidisciplinary team of teachers that deeply know the latest technology advancements and market trends.


Training website

The training offer is published in AINIA´s training website. From this site it is possible to access the Virtual Classroom, a space where we teach online courses.

Guaranteed training quality

Since 2006, AINIA´s Training Unit with certification UNE-EN-ISO 9011: 2008 on the design and delivery of training activities in the agri-food and related sectors.


Carmen Serrano

More than 25 years of experience coordinating Specialized Training Projects.
Training Director