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More than 1.500 training activities, more than 25.000 students, and approximately 35.000 working hours guarantee our experience in the training projects management.

With a clear market orientation, we identify the main training requirements from the business world, so that we strategically design our training projects. The courses respond to the addressed needs in such a way as to the client to know the legal, technological and market implications on a specific subject.
Innovation is our reason for being, and this is our guiding principle in the training area. The participation in European innovation projects targeting the design of new training methodologies makes us capable of developing innovative actions to provide added-value to our client.

Bringing value through…


Multidisciplinary team of teachers that deeply know the latest technology advancements and market trends.

Holistic approach

Holistic approach of training programs, considering different resources related with a subject.

Innovative methodologies

Innovative training methodologies designed in the European projects framework.

Theoretical and practical initiatives

Theoretical and practical initiatives that allow the consolidation of knowledge.


Training quality guarantee

AINIA´s Training unit with UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification

International projects

Wide experience in international projects with training activities

European project:
Open New Food

In the Open New Food project, Fedacova and AINIA have collaborated in the improvement of competencies and skills of 150 executives of traditional SMEs from the agro-food sector in Europe.

Paz Seligra


Paz Seligra

More than 20 years of experience coordinating  Specialized Training projects