More than 12.000m2
  • Meeting rooms
  • Multipurpose facilities
  • Pilot plants

Our associates have at their disposal cutting-edge facilities for the development of their activities. We collaborate in the organization of corporate events and offer our meeting rooms and classrooms with the most advanced audio-visual equipments for any activity of your company.

  • Assembly Hall with capacity for 130 persons equipped with sound systems, projection screen, laser pointers …
  • Meeting rooms equipped with voice and data infrastructure
  • Adaptable classrooms and customised seminars equipped with the latest technologies.

AINIA allows client companies to establish their Research, Development and Innovation Departments inside of its own building in order to facilitate greater proximity, collaboration and cooperation among its technologists and those from the companies. It also makes human teams and facilities of the centre available to the industry representing the most efficient method to encourage the development of technology companies, collective research lines, etc.

These are large rooms that may be subdivided in other facilities of smaller size according to the specific needs of each project and/or research lines.

Our pilot plants are infrastructures created by one or various equipments that we use to obtain experimental results from our research, development and innovation projects. Some of them may be used by our associates for the performance of experimental tests in their own projects in order to later proceed with their industrial scaling.