Cosmética Laboratorio

Main challenges and areas of intervention

  • Effective, natural and sustainable ingredients
  • More sustainable processes
  • In vitro efficacy studies
  • Sustainable packaging systems
  • Production process automation

Our solutions

  • Biosynthesis of active ingredients and preservatives
  • Natural and sustainable ingredient extraction using supercritical fluids
  • Sourcing sustainable ingredients from by-products
  • New methods to ensure the safety of cosmetics
  • Hygienic facility design
  • Virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal efficacy studies on materials and surfaces
  • Challenge Test
  • Ingredient efficacy studies with advanced and customised in vitro models
  • The design of packaging solutions that ensure safety while providing for more sustainability
  • Foreign body detection systems
  • Systems to ensure composition quality (homogenisation)

We set ourselves apart

  • Solutions that take into account market trends, consumer opinion and current legislation.
  • Hygienic design of facilities and equipment
  • Bioactive ingredients and/or compounds development
  • Extraction of natural compounds and active ingredients using Supercritical Fluids
  • Chemical imaging to automate product quality control

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Begoña Ruíz
Technology Director

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