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Production systems of the new bioeconomy should be circular and sustainable, minimizing the environmental impact and ensuring the efficient use of natural resources.

Biorefinery is based on an efficient use of biological resources, such as traditional biomass (organic waste) and new sources such as microalgae or slogan, to get bioenergy (biogas, liquid biofuels, etc.) and bioproducts (bio-fertilizers, bioplastics, biomaterials , building blocks, etc.).

To optimize water use in production environments it is necessary to develope solutions to reuse treated water, take advantage of resources such as nutrients and to improve the quality of spills by removing emerging contaminants (eg, pesticides, drugs, etc.).

Development of new and more sustainable production systems and products with a reduced environmental footprint.

other solutions

Agri-food sector

  • Life cycle analysis: Carbon, water or environmental footprint
  • Food waste reduction
  • Best available techniques
  • Energy efficiency analysis
  • Eco-design of containers and new biomaterials

Water treatment

  • Water cycle optimization: Recirculation and reuse of water
  • Elimination of emerging contaminants in waters
  • Reduction or recovery of nutrients in waters
  • Advanced oxidization of waters: ozone, UV, hydrogen peroxide, fenton reagent, ultrasounds,…
  • Membrane bioreactors
  • Cultivation of microalgaes integrated in debugging systems

Waste treatment

  • Added value products recovery (supercritical extraction, bioproduction)
  • Digestate assessment for agriculture uses
  • Bioproduction of compounds of interest


  • Biogas generation. Anaerobic digestion or biomethanization
  • Biomethane production
  • Pre-treament of biomass to improve its biodegradability
  • Biorefineries

highlighted solutions

Own technology:
Water integrated management

Water usage optimization and efficiency  in the production processes and new treatment technologies, and reuse of water used in food, cosmetics, pharmacy and chemistry.

Success story:
Iberdrola Engineering

Eco- innovation, new CO capture and purification technologies and production of microalgae.

Own technology:

Sustainable transformation of biomass into bioproducts and energy.


Andrés Pascual

15 years of experience in Bioenergy, Water Technology and Environment
Head of the Department of Environment, Bioenergy and Industrial Hygiene