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Formulation and reformulation of new products

  • Products for population groups with special needs (celiac disease, elderly, halal, vegetarians….
  • Development of food supplements.
  • Search for new natural ingredients.
  • Food engineering.
  • Design of cosmetic products.
  • Incorporation of pharmacological active principles to inert materials.
  • Support software for developing new formulas.
  • Market foresight and new products.
  • Benchmarking studies.
  • Generation of culinary prototypes.
  • Design of formats and presentations.


  • Immunonutrition, design of diets
  • Product customization
  • Nutrigenetic/Nutrigenomic study
  • Support software to design a healthy lifestyle
  • Animal nutrition

Functional products

  • Identifying and obtaining active ingredients
  • Bioproduction of active compounds
  • Extraction of natural main active principles through Supercritical Fluids
  • Evaluation of the functionality through cell lines
  • Bioavailability and bioaccessibility through an in-vitro dynamic digester
  • Intestinal microbes study

Preservation and shelf life

  • Thermal preservation techniques: pasteurization, autoclave, high pressure
  • Non-thermal preservation techniques: ultraviolet light and pulsed light
  • Stabilization process: microencapsulation and nanoencapsulation
  • Shelf life and accelerated shelf life
  • Challenge test

Optimization of packaging systems

  • Packaging design and selection of packaging material
  • Packaging system: modified atmosphere,…
  • Active and intelligent packaging
  • Development of biopolymers
  • Optimization of manufacturing and filling processes in situ
  • Packaging-product interaction and migration studies
  • Development of nanocompounds /nanomaterials

highlighted solutions

Success Story:
Custom Drinks

Digital solutions for product customization developed in the framework of the European project, FLEXINET.

Success Story:

Consum,  innovation in the cosmetics sector

Innovation in food

New trends and consumer purchase habits affect the development of new food products.  The development of successful food moves from “product focus” to “consumer focus”

Encarna Gómez


Encarna Gómez

Specialist in new technologies, quality and logistics with more than 12 years of corporate experience.
Head of New Products Department