Healthy food

Consumer's wellbeing

Consumers, increasingly aware of the influence of diet on their health, require products that contribute to their welfare. Developing healthy foods is aimed at offering an adequate diet for people with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and obesity among others.

Azo compounds replacement with natural alternatives, the use of low-calorie sweeteners, replacing saturated fat with a healthier version and the search for protein sources alternative to animals, are examples of market trends related to healthy food development.

Although it emerged as a necessity due to the growing number of intolerant and allergic people, today, the increased demand for “free from” stating versions is a trend. Solutions free from gluten, lactose-free, egg or soy-free are increasingly widespread.

Organic products are positioning themselves in the market as a more beneficial alternative for health.

Bringing value through…


Identification of ingredients with beneficial effects for health

Market foresight

Market perspective seeking solutions in other markets as a source of inspiration for the development of new products


Adapting formulas to consumer demand

Health benefits

Verification of benefits that provide new health developments.


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Encarna Gómez


Encarna Gómez

Specialist in new technologies, quality and logistics with more than 12 years of corporate experience.
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