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Consumers are looking for natural alternative ingredients and less processed foods. Alternatives to artificial colors, preservatives and sweeteners, are key when searching a clean label.

When selecting alternative ingredients to synthetics, it is essential to consider the rheology  and the interaction between various ingredients in the product matrix. Those genetically modified ingredients are avoided given the legal limitations and consumers´ low acceptance.

Regarding the demand for less processed foods, less invasive treatments, such as high pressures, are sought to preserve the organoleptic qualities. Natural preservatives should preserve the product avoiding microbiological contamination and organoleptic deterioration while ensuring the shelf life of the product.
Natural products development extends to the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Bringing value through…

Natural ingredients

Development of products with natural ingredients with the same characteristics as the versions made with synthetic ingredients.

Consumer preferences

Respond to consumer demands in each sector by developing products adapted to their needs

Clean label

Advice on obtaining a clean label while keeping the organoleptic properties and product safety.

Natural alternatives in product preservation

Searching for natural or less invasive alternatives in product preservation to ensure its stability and the estimated useful life.


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