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Flexibility and customization
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Advanced manufacturing enables management of large volumes of manufacturing obtaining customized products, tailored to the changing customers demands. It involves a high degree of flexibility in production processes, short design and manufacturing cycles, and cost control.

The incorporation of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) (semantics, automated reasoning), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, cloud computing and virtual reality allows manufacturing connecting machines, processes, systems and people, creating new ways to design, produce and interact with the market.

Furthermore, advances in robotics and automation with intelligent sensors and biosensors, linked to online control technologies, allow to monitor all types of quality and safety parameters and manage the inputs.

The advanced factory concept consists of intelligent machines playing multiple tasks. The production process is governed automaticaly thanks to the interoperability and connectivity among these intelligent machines besides the massive analysis of in real time extracted data.

Bringing value through…

Production flexibility

Unified management platforms allow you to design and manufacture on demand and quickly customized products tailored to your customers requirements, making complex manufacturing decisions in tight times.

Inputs control and cost savings

More intelligent manufacturing systems result in significant improvements in productivity. At the same time, controlling and reducing consumption of inputs, serial default losses etc…., make companies more competitive.

Automatic quality and safety controls

Control technologies improve the accuracy, speed and safety of production processes. Biosensors, advanced vision and thermography systems permit an online monitoring. New equipments can act intelligently to contaminations, loss of quality or process faults.


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David Martínez

More than 10 years of experience in Information and Communication Technologies applied to the food industry.
Head of ICT Department