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Connected Industry
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Connected industry means the integration of information and knowledge systems based on collaborative networks. It allows a more efficient and optimized management of value chains.

Digitization allows the recording of data that occur at all stages of production, marketing … and constant evaluation in terms of efficiency.

It represents an optimal solution to overcome barriers on traceability control and transparency in complex value chains, achieving mechanisms for electronic exchange of information between all actors in the chain (wholesalers, distribution, home providers, internal management … ) automatically and in real time.

All this making it compatible with standard product identification, bar codes and printers, use of mobile applicative, constant updating of legal regulations or quality certification in integrated intelligent platforms within information management systems of each company member of the chain.

Bringing value through…

Improved traceability control

Cloud solutions for automatic control in real time of traceability and transparency among suppliers, customers and internal processes. Compatibility mechanisms and data exchange standards, and mobility using smartphones and tablets improve traceability management.

Reducing production and design costs

Value chains interconnected through intelligent platforms enhance open organizations, fostering collaborative culture, both in the design and manufacture, and reducing costs by minimizing inefficiencies caused by a lack of shared information among agents.

Efficient management, less risks.

The analysis of the recorded data, results in an improvement of the anticipation capacity, a reduction of business risks (related to supply chain) and an improvement of logistics systems.


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David Martínez

More than 10 years of experience in Information and Communication Technologies applied to the food industry.
Head of ICT Department