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Ingredients and raw materials selection is crucial to respond to what consumer demands. Current consumers are more aware and are worried about the quality and safety of the products they consume.

Extraction of ingredients can be made through supercritical fluids and its characterization through the chemical image. To ensure the safety of these ingredients, it is necessary to implement  adequate decontamination technologies, such as ultrasounds or high pressure.

As for the development of new products, consumers look for natural ingredients, customized products, and raw materials that provide them a higher nutritional value whether comapring with current products.

other solutions

• Products for population groups with special needs. (celiac disease, elderly, halal, vegetarians…)
• Development of food supplements.
• Search for new natural ingredients.
• Food engineering.

• Design of cosmetic products.
• Incorporation of pharmacological active principles to inert materials
• Support software to the development of new formulas.

highlighted solutions

Own Technology :
Chemical Image

Chemical image: Technologies in sensors to control food quality and safety

Own Technology :
Supercritical Fluids

ALTEX, extraction with supercritical CO2

Innovation in foods

Trends that lead to innovation in foods


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