ingredients and raw materials

Bioproduction, a combination of traditional engineering and applied biology, allows to obtain high added value substances with high biological activity by means of the exploitation of live microorganisms.

The main applications of AINIA’s bioproduction  plant are:
• Microorganisms, industrial starters and probiotics production. Identification of low-cost culture mediums and the most appropiated culture conditions.
• High added value compounds production from selected microorganisms.
• Biotransformation by means of selected microorganisms (prior validation of its technological ability).

Advanced fermentative processes are applied on:
• Food, functional food, …
• Cosmetics, identification of high added value compounds, …
• Pharmacy, selection of microorganisms for the industrial procurement of active principles with functional activity, …
• Biomedicine, production of active molecules to develop treatments against sicknesses, …
• Packaging, bioplastics production from useable effluents with sustainable organic compounds, …

Bringing value through…

Obtaining probiotics

Obtaining probiotics, starter cultures from the food industry, micro algae, biofertilizers, compounds of commercial value and industrial interest

Personalized fermented products

Development of personalized fermented products

New renewable sources

New renewable sources from industry effluents that results in management cost savings

Obtaining biodegradable biopolymers

Obtaining biodegradable biopolymers (polylactates, PHA, PHB, etc), to produce packaging or other materials


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Begoña Ruiz

Expert with more than 10 years of experience in environmental biotechnology anaerobic processes.
Head of Bioassays Laboratory