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Microencapsulation allows the protection, and prolonged and selective release of sensitive substances.

This technological procedure protects substances and sensitive active principles from external agents. Thanks to the use of a micro-container, they are protected from the reaction with other compounds and a barrier effect is generated, preventing its deterioration due to temperature, light, oxygen, moisture, or pH.
The controlled and sustainable release in predefined conditions is achieved, obtaining products with better sensory, nutritional, and functional characteristics. It also facilitates a better preservation and a loger shelf life  of the product.

Bringing value through…

Costs Reduction

Decreasing the dose while maintaining the desired effect: cost reduction in the final product.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Ingredients

Selection of conditions to obtain the desired effect of the ingredient

Improvement of Useful Life

Increasing the useful life of the product and prolonging its effect

Product Innovation

Incorporation of new ingredients without influencing the sensory properties


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Encarna Gómez


Encarna Gómez

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