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According to Regulation (EC) 1924/2006, functional foods´ health benefits need be proven through technical-scientific evidence.

The bioavailability studies, gastrointestinal resistance and/or interaction with the nutrients’ colonic microbiota consist in performing a simulated gastrointestinal digestion using an in vitro Dynamic Digester and an intestinal absorption simulation using a cell model that reproduces the conditions of intestinal cells at laboratory scale.

These technologies apply to the food sector as well as cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

Bringing value through…

New Functional Foods

Scientific evidence relating to new functional foods regarding the availability of its nutrients, its colonization, and/or generation of beneficial metabolites in the colon. Also, the functional effect on the organism in order to obtain approval and differentiation from EFSA and the related health allegations.

Scientific Evidences

Integrated system formed by an in vitro Dynamic Digester and cellular cultures that provide scientific evidences regarding absorption and transportation of nutrients and their functionality.

More Efficient Methods

More efficient methods, minus cost and easy manipulation to evaluate the bioavailability, gastrointestinal resistance, and/or interaction of the microbiota with bioactive compounds.

Cause and Effect Relationship

Demonstrating the cause and effect relationship of functional food through clinical trials.


Success Story:
Ordesa Laboratories

New probiotics development: The collaboration between AINIA and Ordesa Laboratories.

European Project:
Pathway 27

Study the roles and mechanisms of bioactive compounds   in human body.

Own Technology:
In vitro Dinamic Digester

Validating the beneficial effect of functional food through an artificial colon


Begoña Ruiz

Expert with 10 years of experience in environmental biotechnology anaerobic processes.
Head of Bioassays Laboratory